nicole-fasulaI approach every piece of art with my own mood in mind. This is translated into unique color selections that produce vibrant and unexpected effects. Color plays a large roll in my recent work. It tells the story inside me that the viewer is not able to see. ~Nicole Fasula

Artist Nicole Fasula, an Arizona native, began her art career at the age of three. Although she received many awards and recognition for her fine art early on, she pursued a different calling. After attending Arizona State University and earning her Nursing degree in 1998, Nicole spent two years in the field of Pediatrics as a Registered Nurse.

Nicole found her work in Pediatrics rewarding; however, she realized she needed to return to her creative roots. She focused her talents toward the digital world, earning an Associate of Science degree in Multimedia and Website Design. In the summer of 2001, Nicole relocated to the New York City area, determined to earn a living using her creative talents. She successfully landed a position as a graphic and website designer, yet this type of work did not satiate her creative passion.

Nicole realized her true love lies in creating original pieces of art, and is currently adding to her diverse body of work. Her life and the people in it inspire her to express her emotions through a variety of mediums. Nicole’s artistic talent ranges from the classic movement of Realism to the dynamic expression of Abstract art. Through her work, Nicole creates a space in which the beholder can dream, feel, and experience a world without the limitations of known reality. The complexity of her work challenges the viewer to discover something new in each of her creations with the use of color, texture, and shading. While Nicole’s work is intensely personal to her, it allows for many individual interpretations and contemplations.

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