Art Commissions

If you would like me to create a custom work of art for you, you can commission me to create anything you like. I do all work in my style with your subject of choice. I charge $2.00 per square inch for commissions (unframed), so you can figure the approximate size and cost. I will do work from photographs, but prefer to shoot my own photographs and sketch on location. If you have a subject or location and it requires traveling on my part, you should figure on covering those expenses.

To start the commission process, contact me and let me know what you would like done – we will talk more then.

CopyRights – I retain all copyrights to artwork I do including commissions. When I sell you an original work of art, you are buying the original work of art. You are not buying the copyrights or reproduction rights to that piece of art and should not make any reproductions or copies.

I retain the right to exercise the use of the copyrights and reproduction rights, this is common law with artists. If I do a piece for you, and I believe that it would sell well in print form or any other form, I will exercise my right to make reprints, etc.

My making reproductions is better for you as the owner of the original work of art. Having limited editions made available to the public gives the piece notoriety, making your original work of art more valuable. The more popular a piece is, the more collectable and valuable the original will be.

Should you decide that you never want any reproductions made of the original that you commission, I will sell you the copyrights for the work of art. The price for the copyrights will be the estimated amount I would have made on print sales & licensing sales over the first five years.